Martha Stewart Sunday

Ryan left this weekend to golf in Mississippi. So I came home on Friday from my business trip to an empty house! Actually it was nice. Katie and I had a wonderful dinner on Saturday and a wonderful laugh seeing W. Sunday I woke feeling creative.
I made this fabulous cake
Ryan and I have had a piece every single night after dinner unfortunately. Someone please take this cake from my fridge or we'll eat all of it!

I then made rice heating pads. Unlike electric heating pads that burn houses down, these easily go into the microwave for 2 minutes and stay warm for about 2 hours. The best part was that I put tons of my dried lavender in them. So when you heat them they smell so wonderful!! I made the baseball one for Ryan so he wouldn't feel like a sissy with one of the pretty ones.

My third project was this. I ran to Bandy's pumpkin patch and loaded Ryan's work truck with corn stalks, hay, and pumpkins. I then constructed this Fantastic Farley Fallscape. I'm pretty proud because these corn stalks weighed about 40lbs (well it seemed like 40lbs) and I lifted then in and out of the suv.