So Long So Ill Hello Windy City

I'm sitting in the St. Louis airport getting ready to board my flight to Chicago. During my company's "reorganization" many of us were given new medications to carry. I, being the lucky one, got two. Most got one some got none! Each medication required 2.5 days of training so I get to stay for the whole dang week. Lots of disease state knowledge and role play certifications. It's a nerve racking week but hey, I can do anything for 5 days. Hope all is well with all ya'll. I'll post again soon. Thank for all the well wishes!


Jane said...

Hi Melissa, I hope your Monday went well and wasn't too nerve racking. Like you said, it's only for 5 days and I know you will do great. Try to have alittle fun...you deserve it! That's an order from your mother. Love you!

The Farleys said...

Ah mom! Thanks. I love you see you soon.