Christmas Day Pictures.........

Here are a few randoms pictures from Christmas. We had so many stops to make but we so enjoyed being with everyone. Everyone says how happy they are that Christmas is over, but I am a little sad. I just love that cozy feeling that the lit trees make your home feel and I love the bustle of the season. Oh well, 362 more days until Christmas is here!

Christmas morning, my two favorite gifts from Ryan, "Forgeting Sarah Marshall" and "Horton Hears a Who".

Dave in his Emeril apronRyan seeing if he struck it rich with his stocking scratch offs.Grandma Phyllis enjoying her mimosaKyle and I with our Christmas merry-mentMy mom and I My 2 tier cupcake carrier. My brother Nick opening a gag gift from my parents.
Nick, Ry, Sami

My sister gave me, my most wanted book!

Ryan asleep before the festivites started

My parents