Christmas Eve

Tonight was spent celebrating Christmas Eve with the Farley side of the family and then back to my husband's parents home for a gift exchange. I still can't believe that tonight is Christmas Eve. Anyone else think this month has flown by????

Ry, Dave, Angie, Kyle, Me

Me and Ry

This is what Kyle got his parents! A two seater bicycle! They were shocked. I think they'll get a lot of use out of it this spring and summer!

All of my books I wanted. Three of these books mean a lot to me. The one up at the top, my Aunt Barb got me when I was 4 for my birthday. It also came with a record. This was the books 35th Anniversary and it came with the CD. I am so excited to read it and visit my childhood memories again. The other two are apart of the Pigeon series. I bought all of these books for Evan and I have a lot of good memories reading them with him.

This DVD made me cry when I opened it. If you haven't seen it you must! Jim Henson circa 1983ish. It means so much to me because my Meme (grandma) and I would watch it every Christmas when I was young. Recently my Meme entered a skilled nursing facility due to vascular dementia. This will be our first Christmas without my Meme with us Christmas day.

Kyle got us matching Bears scarfsRy, Me, & KyleThe infamous always asleep at family gatherings picture of Ryan and his father
Anyone wondering why I am wearing this crazy pink dress? My father in law is an Ebay fanatic. Seriously. He saw this Georgio Armani originally priced $4,000.00 for $13.00. Seriously? He thought it was such a great deal he bought it. It didn't fit anyone so I tried it on. It fit sort of. It was ill made and truthfully I feel I could have sewn a nicer dress than this frock. I am going to go ahead and guess that Dave was fooled again with Ebay trickery. Yes there is a designer label inside but I'm pretty sure Georgio wouldn't put his name on this hot pink hot mess. It was fun struting around in it anyway. Dave said I should wear it for New Years Eve. Simply hilarious.