Some of my favorite things........

I love it when bloggers give a shout out to some of their favorite products they use. I wanted to give a few of my own.
I'm a HUGE loyalist to moisturizer. I have very dry skin which is great for little to no blemishes but horrible for future wrinkles. I have finally found the one moisturizer that my face loves and I have to say I can tell a huge difference since I have been using it. (About one year.) It's called Future Perfect. The last time I was at Dillards purchasing it, the Estee Lauder woman told me that they are changing it to a new formula and calling it Time Zone. Of course! But I can give my full confidence in saying that if it is anything like Future Perfect it's a go! It is a little pricey around $70.00. I always tell my sisters, buy yourselves a good moisturizer, a good black dress, and thank you cards. With all those items you're set!

Another favorite is a good burger! I have been changing my eating habits for the past month. I can't believe how much better I feel and some weight is falling off too! I am in LOVE in MorningStar's Grillers Prime. I really could leave meat forever but I have always heard I still need it for protein and iron. Not so! I find that these are wonderful tasting and not the creepy texture you get from some veggie burgers. I highly sugest these if you want a meat alternative! I put mine in the microwave and they aren't soggy. Ry has even grilled them for me and they are wonderful.

The other three favorite things are books. I could spend my whole life reading if it would pay the bills. My favorite adult reader right now is the book below. I read it in 2 days. Just a wonderful warm fuzzies book. Loved it!!! Five Stars

I also have a huge passion for children's books. I LOVE to sit in the back of Barnes and Noble and read all the newest ones on the back wall. My all time favorite is, "On the Night You Were Born". I cry every single time I read it!! Love it. No kids yet for me but I can't imagine reading it if I did! Ryan would have to lock me away. My newest favorite out right now is, "Bats at the Beach". I'm hoping to get it for Christmas. The illustrations are just great. I laughed the whole time I read it at B&N. I'm sure people thought I was nuts.


The Parrish Family said...

What a great post. Now I have tons of things to go buy...moisterizer, books, and veggie burgers!! I can't wait to read Bees. I too love a good book, I just wish I had more time!

The Parrish Family said...

I mean moisturizer. Sorry!!