Redo Number 2!!

This was a dresser that was also given to us by Ryan's grandma. I love the way it turned out. I desperately need a dresser but I like the way it looks in my sunroom. If you look closely you can see all the whitewashing remnants on the carpet. By now I thought I would have new carpet! We are now getting the house ready for our guests who are coming to spend New Years weekend with us. No more projects for a couple of days! But several more are in the making!!

Before, beautiful but not really our style

After.......I hope Grandma P likes what I did to it!


The Dunnings said...

Love it and inspired. Your so resourceful, I'm gonna be better about that in 2010!!!

Beth said...

Looks lovely! Love both projects!

Beth said...

Looks lovely! Love both projects!

Brooke said...

you are sooo crafty!!! i love what you did with the dresser :)