An amazing evening....

Last Thursday my dear friends threw a baby shower for me and Lauren Olivia. Let me start out by saying that I have the best friends in the world. They went above and beyond, as usual, and threw the most beautiful baby shower I have ever seen. I was completely left out on all the planning, so when I walked in (to my own home) I was moved to tears and blown away at their hard work and the attention to the tiniest details! The shower was a nesting theme which I just loved. Words can't describe this beautiful occasion, so I will just get on with the pictures.

Her monogram! If you look closely at the trees, you can spot the
white little birds resting on the branches.
The cupcakes were "nests" with jelly belly eggs. They were beautiful! The cookies and apothecary jars filled with color themed candy. In this picture it is hard to tell but the watermelon
was cut out in the shape of flowers and sweet little birds! The favors I made for the guests, homemade strawberry jam.

The favors the girls made. Color themed jelly bellys with her monogram.

Hand stamped brown bags with clothspins for the dessert buffet for a take home treat.
Apothecary Jars with birds and her initials

Her first Illini cheerleader outfit.

Court, Katie, myself, Michele, & Beth. These are the amazing girls
that came up with all the beautiful ideas. I'm so blessed by their friendships!
My sisters that also slaved away that day decorating.
This is my amazing Aunt Barb that flew here from Seattle just to be at my shower. I'm so incredibly lucky. While she was here she bought us a webcam and loaded it onto all of our computers so we could Skype at the hospital and at home!


Jane said...

Lauren is such a lucky little girl to have a wonderful mother with fantastic friends and Aunties. Thanks girls for making Melissa's shower soooo special. Love You All!!!!

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

looks like you guys had a great time! :) can't wait til the new little miss farley is here :)

Jen said...

Beautiful name Melissa!!

And I'm gonna say that its her first Illini DANCE outfit. No one likes a cheerleader :)

The Kresl Family said...
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The Kresl Family said...

What a goreous celebration. I can't wait to see the newest lady friend.

Mama Muhs said...

The girls did such a great job! I love all the little details. And what a beautiful name you are giving her!

Beth told me you're planning to cloth diaper. I've been doing it for 2 years now so please feel free to shoot me an email if you wanna chat about it! I've done tons of research and tried lots of different diapers and detergents!

Shoshanah said...

I love the watermelon cut outs. Its such a cute idea, and considering how easy it must be, I'm surprised I've never seen it done before.