Nesting, or just cutting the crap on procrastination?

Procrastination, that should be the new name of this blog! If I were a viewer of this blog, I would have deleted it from my blog roll from the lack of posting that has been going on! No excuses. Sorry...

This weekend I took responsibility for my ridiculous procrastination habit (since it goes on in my real life too) and did something about it. I scrubbed bathrooms, the kitchen, I organized over 1000 pictures that were loose (including my wedding candids!!!) and placed them all in albums. I had needed to do that since 2006! I knew if I didn't do those now, I would never do them! I also finished a couple of projects for Michele's daughters 1st birthday. I also painted our front door, planted some new flowers, found a place for a clothes basket full of books, and re-potted my front porch topiary.

I am pretty happy with myself. Although, I spent the whole weekend cleaning and my house is still a wreck! I have photos laying everywhere. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Nothing too exciting, but it's a post!

We had a hallway closet that was junked up with
1000 pictures. I placed the books here for now because they
have been living in a spare bedroom in a hamper for a year!
These are albums that I already had but were either
empty or had sporadic photos in them. Now they are filled up!
Here are the topiaries that I made for Mia's 1st birthday party.
Go here for the tutorial. They match her birthday tutu to a tea!

Our front door used to be a boring khaki color that matched the brick. I woke up on Sunday and said, "I'm going to paint the door black". Ryan was nervous but agreed it looked great. I also repotted the topiary and we hung a new light fixture. My shabby wreath is a work in progress. Don't look too closely...
Ryan painted her room 2 weeks ago. Yes, it's blue. I love, love, love, blue. It matches her bedding perfectly. It is in the process of being made so as soon as I get it I will post! Her furniture is of course white. The glider chair that is on it's way is also stark white. I know I'm asking for it.

Here is her closet. Just a few items in there for now. I have to keep telling myself to stop buying. Oh and the tutu on the left, that would be the work of my parents. While they were on vacation, they ran into a boutique and found this 1st birthday tutu. They told me since they bought me my first tutu they had to buy hers as well.
This green Lauren dress is my favorite. It's a 2T but knowing our genes,
she will be wearing it at 3 months. : )


Jane said...

Good Job!!! Wow...you really did a lot over the weekend. Are you free to come to my house this weekend? lol Little Sister's room is going to be adorable.

Beth said...

Productive weekend! It all looks great and can't wait to see baby girl's room complete! The front door looks awesome and....photo albums??? what are those? haha....something i desperately need to reintroduce myself to!!!! good work babe! love ya!