Let's talk skin....

Since becoming pregnant, my flawless face has turned into a 13 year old boy's, covered in "blemishes". (What a pretty word for zits!) So I have tried everything from clearisil pads to vitamin C masks. My face is really dry to begin with and I am still get blemishs all over my chin mainly. The best product that I have used is cheap old Equate (Walmart's brand) Acne Treatment. This picture states gel, mine is a creme.

The active ingredient is the 10% benzoyl peroxide which basically kills the bacteria that causes the pimples and drys up the existing ones. I put this on at night and by the morning the spots are gone. It is very drying, but I just slather on moisturizer and get on with the day.

Another product I recently bought was Urban Decay's Primer.

I have heard great reviews on this product and since my pores are larger than Texas right now, I decided to try it. I ordered it from Sephora for $36.00. The other primers I have used contained silicone which I loved. It fills in your pores and gives your face that "flawless" look. The product's selling point is that it doesn't contain it. I didn't love anything about this product and in fact, I am sending it back. One, the primer is a white lotion. When it goes on it gave my face a lavendar tone. Once on, it worked like a moisturizer not like a primer. I couldn't tell any difference once my foundation was on.

So now I am going to try the tried and true Smashbox Photo Finish Primer that everyone raves about. I'll let you know how it works!