I will hang this in my house.

Credit: From Babies Don’t Keep by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton

How incredibly precious is this? There are so many days when I feel like I am cleaning the house and trying to keep Wren off my heels just for a moment longer so I can bleach the counters or scrub a sink. For all you new mothers out there, 10 months has flown by in what seems to be 1 month. Put the scrub brush down and go play with your children! : ) 

Oh yeah, so the next time to come to my house and it's a wreck, you'll know why! 


Estephania said...

I NEED this in my kitchen! :) Hope you are doing well!

The Parrish Family said...

I LOVE this! So cute!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

AWW! That made me a little bit teary eyed! Baby time goes by way too fast...my little guy turns 2 next month. :(

What a cute blog you have!!