Wren is 10 months!

My Wren turned double digits on Wednesday.  Our typical crib photo shoot doesn't work so well anymore because all she wants to do is jump around her bed and scratch her fingernails on the chalkboard  
The night she turned 10 months, she slept through the night!. She has continued this trend all week, fingers crossed.  
Wren, you are in 12 month clothes, 18 month swimsuit.  You are swimming almost every day.  
You are clapping your hands, shaking your head yes, dancing, playing with toys that require fine motor skills like putting your bracelets on.  You weigh 21 lbs and you are 29 inches tall. 
You are standing unassisted for a few moments at a time.  
You love Cheerios and black beans this month.  
You favorite toys are your little plastic bus and you mason jar lid ring that you use as bracelets. 
You have 5 teeth, all on the bottom!

                                                          Here she is with her favorite bracelets and necklace.  If you have noticed, my camera shutter won't open all the way.  Taking it in the shop today. 


The Kresl Family said...

Holy moly! Does she look like Ryan, or what?! She's getting so big! And beautiful!