Go get a hobby!

Ryan told me a couple months ago that I needed to get a hobby. I'm always onto him due to the fact that he has so many hobbies that he needs another 24 hours in the week to complete them. I told him he needed to cut down on his intrests and he told me to get a few of my own! So I did just that! I'm currently taking a photography class, a watercolor class, and a core workout class. When I'm not in "class" I am doing my other hobby which is making bracelets. My friend Katie made me a beautiful bracelet for my birthday and I had her teach me how. Hello my name is Melissa and I am addicted to making bracelets!!!! They are so easy to make although they do get a little pricey! My sock animal intrest has fizzeled since I can't find any gloves just yet. I'll post a couple of bracelets I've made. So there Ryan, hows that for a couple of hobbies!!