A visit from an old friend..........

One of my best friends from college came this weekend all the way from Chicago! Michele and I have been friends since my junior year of college at ISU. We were both in eachother's weddings and can mentally and verbally finish eachother's sentences. She came in late Friday night, we watched The Office, (the second time for me that night) and girl talked until we were so tired we couldn't function. Saturday morning we went to the Egyptian Revival for facials and then to Melange for lunch. Instead of the usual chicken salad I finally tried something new. Aren't you proud Katie? The shrimp salad is definetly a front runner for my new favorite! Then we came home, showered and then went to the Southern Illinois Wine and Art Festival in Ina. After trying ever single wine in Southern Illinois and looking at some amazing art we left with a couple of new favorites. Michele loved and bought two bottles of Black and Blue and Red and Blue. We then drove back to Carbondale to eat at the Newell House. It was so nice that she sacraficed one of her few free weekends to come down. Love you Mich! Thanks again!
Renee your next! When are you coming down!
I didn't take any pictures of us but this stupid one!! I can't believe it!
There was a tent of these rare Butterflies from Costa Rica. Sorry for such a lame photo!
Can you believe this is real!? It looks like a Zebra Tiger!


The Kresl Family said...

I'm coming! I just don't know when!!!!!