Amazing People

I came home from work on my lunch hour to of course check Evan's blog to see if there were any updates. To my surprise I found that one of my girlfriends had posted on her blog a post about Evan and the donations to keep Natalie at the hospital. Beth doesn't even know Evan nor do any of her friends that commented on her post. All of them have been touched by Evan's story and continue to pray for him, send donations, & send me messages that they are doing just that!

This morning I received 4 calls and one at lunch from people that are wanting to personally raise money for the deMello's. Only one of the 5 knows Evan personally. It astounds me how amazing all of these people are. Not that I ever doubted any of you!! You have just touched me so deeply by your concern. You can be rest assured that if ever you need anything from me, I will be there eager to help in any way!!! Sometimes working as a social worker I had thought once in a while that the world had gone hard and that people only cared about themselves. Today, yesterday, and last week I can say these amazing people around me have truly changed my spirit and my outlook on this world. I love you all so much! Thank you for giving your donations, your prayers, your heart to this little angel Evan. He is fighting so hard right now. Once he is out of this terrible fight I will personally let him know who you all are and how much you helped him and his family.
-Much love and respect


fmiles said...

how is the keeping mommy at the hospital going? do you know??

The Farleys said...

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! I don't know anything yet, but I am almost positive that we have at least 2 months. I will know after I request the balance on the 15th. I will let everyone know if our campaign was successful!!! Thanks Falon.

fmiles said...

That is wonderful!! I couldnt even imagine being nat and sean, let a lone having to leave Caden or Vance in a moment like this to have to go back to work so that we could make ends meet. Let us know if there is anything we can do, anything at all. The only thing we can do for now is keep on praying!!