Ryan has been in 3 hospitals within a week. Monday Ryan visted Dr. Oestmann and he told him that he needed to be admitted into the hosptial. He was at Herrin Hospital for three days! On Wednesday he was released and Friday he had a follow up with his foot doctor. He said that the foot looked like it was getting worse and that he needed to go straight to the hospital. Right now Ryan in at the Carbondale hospital in the pediatric unit. No adult rooms were available! I am off again for another fun filled day at the hospital. But I can't complain! The deMello's have been in the hospital for over a month! I'm knitting a scarf to pass the time. Herrin Hospital
The football foot
You can't really tell by the photo but it looked like his toes were going to explode! Yuck!
The first 5 mins after he was home, Little Kitty wanted to use the crutches