His Eyes Are Open!!!

Last night I went to visit Evan. Natalie said that on Tuesday he was much more alert and would try to answer questions with the blinking of his eyes. Wednesday he was on a different type of medicine and it made him a little more sedated. He had his eyes open most of the time I was there. He would shut them from time to time. You could tell he was so sleepy. But I think he was so calmed by the sight of Natalie and the Thomas movie they had playing over and over he fought to keep his eyes open. He looks so good. He finally is starting to look like Evan. I told him that I was so happy to see his beautiful blue eyes again. We all are! I just had to snap a few shots because I know that so many people will be so thankful to see a healthier looking Evan on the outside. He held our hands, played "this little piggy", counted fingers and toes, sang a couple of songs to him, and just mainly talked and told him what a strong and brave big boy he was being. I told him that he had a huge fan club and that everyone was so proud of him. The nurses up there are amazing with him. I could have stayed there all night just talking to him or just holding that little hand. I didn't want to leave. Natalie gave him Nana yesterday. He held Nana's hand.

Evan and Nana watching the Thomas movie

He was on the verge of taken a short nap.

He's out, only for a moment. When he would hear Thomas or Mom he would open his eyes again.

Evan lifted his hand up when Natalie was leaning down. She said, "Do you want to touch mommy's face?" He would rest his little hand on her cheek. It was such a soul filling moment. There is nothing like a mommy to reasure you that everything is going to be alright.


Charity said...

Hey Melissa. This is Charity (Jack) Finley. I just wanted to say thanks for all the pictures you have of Evan and all the updates. I didn't even realize you were friends with Natalie and Sean! Small world! I guess I moved up north and got out of the loop with everything! Funny how that happens in life huh? Anyways I just wanted to say hi and thanks! It means a lot to me that they have great friends by their side!


Gigi said...

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for them. They could not have made it through all of this without your continuous support.
Give Evan extra hugs and kisses until I am there again.

fmiles said...

hey!! caden wrote evan a letter yesterday and drew him some pictures.. he wanted to take them to his house but i tried to explain to him that evan wasnt there.. he wanted to know if evan was on his planet.. he refers to him as his friend with the bad heart.. he prayed for evan yesterday that God would put his hand on evans heart and make it better.. it was so sweet.. anyways i just wanted to know an address that caden could sent his letter to.. luv ya fal