A Miracle this afternoon.....

This entry is from Sean's blog entry from Evan's blog.

"I entered Evan's room and the cardiac surgeon was standing there with the dialysis nurses. When he saw me he said he couldn't understand it. Last friday, when they hooked Evan up he crashed. Today his pressure actually increased a little. He told me he didn't understand. Just then, the nurse in the room said "I do...its God." This was the same nurse that asked to stay in the room when the pastor prayed for Evan. I believe with everything in my heart that it is because of YOUR prayers that my son keeps beating the odds. Natalie and I were told yesterday by two different doctors that Evan is a very sick boy and that things arent looking good for him. We were talked to by everybody about the fact that they were running out of options and we had to be prepared. I'm not hear to say we are anywhere close to getting of this in good shape, but everytime they take Natalie and I to a new low, Evan pulls through. We've been knocking on Heavens door three times now, but whats really storming the gates of Heaven are your parayers. They say Evan will be in Cardiac ICU for quite a while and he is still considered fragile and unstable, but I wouldn't count him out of anything! "

There are hundreds of people praying for this little boy. Heaven was flooded today with their voices. Amen!!!!


Brooke G said...

I am so glad you posted the request for donations so she can be with Evan longer. I hope they receive more than enough!! I have been keeping up on him and will continue to do so. Keep keeping us informed-his story and progress is so heartwrenching!! We are all rooting for him!! God Bless, Brooke Guthman

The Farleys said...

Thank you so much for your donation. I can't express in words how thankful I am to all of you girls. God bless you and your beautiful babies & families.