Another Martha Reject project

I have been eyeing this "Mall Pretzel" recipe for awhile. So on Sunday I decided I was going to try it! The recipe had over 560 reviews all giving it a full 5 stars so I knew it was going to be good. After mixing my dough in my Kitchen Aid I left it to sit to rise for an hour. After the hour had passed I anxiously tore the kitchen towel from the bowl to see a flat ball of dough. The dang yeast I used (purchased that day) was bad. I read that if it is good yeast it will foam when you add the warm water to it. So I decided I was going ahead with the pretzels. Look below to see what a masterpiece I made!
My wonderful husband actually ate 2 of these and
said they were wonderful. He is so good to me. I think he fed them to our cats.