My Arch Nemises

I can proudly say that I gave up Diet Soda for 2 months. Coming home from Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday night, (business trip) I was waiting for my connecting flight home as I walked past that evil pretzel stand that is located in Concorse C at the St. L airport. After being on this "lifestyle change" and losing a fair amount of weight I felt helpless against those gooey, salty, doughy, buttery, pretzels. So I gave in and said what the heck, I'll have one. The jerk behind the counter said, "Don't you want to add a drink with that?" Eventhough I had my $6.00 water that I had just purchased in one of the airport stores my eyes were fixated on the damn fountain drink machine. I gave in. I purchased and quickly consumed a 400 calorie cup of Coke. This morning I woke up and Coke was on my brain. At 10:30 a.m. I pulled over at a gas station and purchased one. I swear it could be compared to liquid cocaine. I've fallen off the wagon. I can't let that sugar satan win! Tomorrow it's back to water.


The Parrish Family said...

I think cutting things from your diet all together is a recipe for failure. I think it's great that you enjoyed a pretzel and a coke. You deserve it! You look great, you "skinny bitch"!! :)