Weirdo Cat People

We have a cat, Little Kitty, who just loves to be loved. We call him "baby" because thats what he thinks he is. Every night I wrap him up in a blanket or one of Ryan's sweatshirts and we rock in the recliner until he falls asleep. He is just sickening but Ryan and I are smitten. Here's the backgrounder on him. About 3 years ago my parents heard something outside their house. It sounded like a baby crying. They opened the front door and in walks this kitten. He walked straight back to their cat's food, ate a little bit, and then jumped up on the couch and fell asleep. Ryan fell in love with him when he saw him. I wasn't quite as love stricken. One day I came home from work and Ryan told me I had a surprise underneath our bed in our bedroom. I peek underneath the bed and there sat Little Kitty. Since then he has become apart of our family and we are so happy to have him.

In the middle of rocking
After rocking and he is out like a light

Ryan and him are inseparable


The Parrish Family said...

You guys so need a REAL baby! :)

The Farleys said...

Jeez.... Once I re-read this post I realized how WEIRD we are. Weirdos!!!!!! I look certifiably crazy rocking L.K. in Ry's sweatshirt. Oh well, all my friends know that crazy comes with this friendship!

Jane said...

You two need help!!! No, just kidding....I think it's called "nesting". You are just preparing for the "real thing", right? L.K. is one of a kind! When are we going to get to try some of your bakery items? Not the pretzels, though. Sorry, you know me, that damn mean streak.