Congratulations to the Richerts!

Ry and I attended a wedding at the Randell Gallery in downtown St. Louis this weekend. Robin, I learned was Ryan's first date back in first grade. They went to the drive-in with her parents and watched "Overboard". Ryan recalled that they sat on top of her parents car and watched it. Pretty cute story I thought. It was such a wonderful wedding! We had so much fun, we were sad to leave. Robin and Sebastion had a Mardi Gras/French Quarter themed wedding. It was so unique. Our tables were all named after the streets of New Orleans, our favors were personalized beads with our names and the wedding date, even the bridesmaids had emerald green and purple dresses! Although my diet was forgotten this weekend, we danced for 4 straight hours. So I guess that's cross cancelation right? It was a lot of fun. Congratualtions Richerts!

Robin and Sebastian

Ryan and his classmates of 1999
Leslie, Shelly, Jaime, & Miranda

Me and my favorite artist, Matt.A shot of the basement of the gallery. Ryan looks
like he might be enjoying some flavored beverages.

Ry and IMe & Mindy. This is the shot where I say, "Wow, I'm really, really, white".

Cake, oh how I love thee. I really, really, really, love cake. Really.

Ryan took this "after" picture of me. 17lbs and counting..... Yeaaa me!
Speaking of, I ate Sbarro Pizza, Sonic onion rings, Krispy Kreme doughnuts & a coke this weekend. Literally diet suicide. I loved every minute of it!!!!!!


Mama Muhs said...

Melissa, you look sooo good!!! Congrats on the 17 lbs. down! What an awesome accomplishment. I need to draw a little inspiration from you! ;)

The Guthman Family said...

Melissa, you look great!! and you have to cheat every once in a while to make it worth while!! -Melinda

Beth said...

Look at that waist! Way to go girlfriend! You look amazing as always!!

The Dunnings said...

Good job friend, you look great as always!!! Thanks for sharing the pics.