Alright, who's coming with me?

Let me entice you by dropping a few names... Paula Deen, Nickolas Sparks, James Patterson, Jodi Picoult, David Shannon (the No David series), John Scieszka, John Grisham, JUDY BLUME!!, Sue Monk Kid (Secret Life of Bees & The Mermaid Chair) these are just to name a few of the hundreds of authors that will be a the 2009 National Book Festival. They are speaking and signing!! I'm going, who's coming with me????
Click here to see if your favorite author is coming....


The Boddies said...

Okay, I have just received clearance from the husband. He even said, "that's such a long drive by yourself, just fly" so that debate is out of the way. So I hope you really do want to do this. Email me later and we'll start to work out details.