Washington Recap......

I'm finally home from my weekend getaway to D.C. . If you didn't know, I traveled there to attend the 2009 Library of Congress National Book Festival with a fellow blogger friend who lives in Atlanta. The festival hosted a slew of famous authors who signed and spoke on Saturday. It was simply amazing. We were the first in line for a couple of authors. We were there when they opened and left when they shut it down! The highlight of course was to meet my favorite author, Mo Willems. Everyone was super nice with the exception of Mrs. Paula Deen. She would NOT sign your book unless it was her newest cookbook which you could purchase in the book sales tent. I thought this was a little ridiculous. Other than that, the day was perfect. It rained all day with the high of 60 and you still couldn't wipe the smile off my face with a brick if you tried!!! Today we made all the tourist stops and searched for the damn cupcakery that was conveniently CLOSED on Sundays.... Other than that, it was perfect. I can't wait to go back next year!

The lines that started forming very, very, early in the morning.

David Shannon signing my "No, David" book.

So I walked up (3rd person in line) and said at lightening speed, "Hi! I flew all the way from Illinois just to see you. Here sign my book. Can you pose for a picture? I think I started crying when I saw you. Your books are amazing." I think that all came out within 3 seconds. Either he was mimicking me and my crazy state in this photo or he is just an awesome fun guy. Lets say the second option.
Did you read "The Secret Life of Bees"? This is Sue Monk Kidd the author.
Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black who wrote the
Spiderwick Chronicles they were hilarious!!! I plan to get the
series now and start reading them!

Mo doing a reading from his book, "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed".
I had second row seats front and center.
Another reading.....
The famous and very animated Steven Kellogg
The most hilarious duo of the day, David Shannon and John Scieszka.
I HIGHLY recommend getting their new book Robot Zot. I laughed until I cried.

At dinner

A shot of Rheannon and I at dinner.
A shot just for Katie......


The Parrish Family said...

OMG! I have to go next year!

The Dunnings said...

How awesome, looks like you had a great time. So great to see Rehannon, you look great.

The Boddies said...

I'm just getting ready to put up my pictures and my recap. I think Mo was just so happy to finally meet the woman who stares into his windows at night :)