My 29th Birthday.........

Today I turned 29. My last birthday in the twenties. I can truly say that today was the best birthday I can remember. Minus of course that Little Kitty is still missing..... I want to wish a happy birthday to my very special Aunt Barb who lives in Washington. Although we can't celebrate together, we know we are thinking about eachother throughout the day. I love you! Also Happy Birthday to Beth! This would be our 9th birthday together!

The day started off with breakfast with Katie. She got me a awesome monogrammed tin water bottle and a new beautiful Coach bangle bracelet. Simply stated, she knows me. I have been wanting one forever. But I would never buy it for myself. Leave it to Katie to always remember what I mention. She was the first person today who made me cry...
I then get a phone call from my office saying that I have a "delivery".
My friend Courtney sent me a beautiful fall arrangement for my birthday. I called and yelled at her because Beth, Courtney, and I all agreed, NO GIFTS! We spent way....... too much money in NYC. But being the sneaky and thoughtful friend she is, she sent us both a beautiful reminder that she loves us. So the next time my friends say, "Okay, no gifts this year". I'm going to just ignore that statement!

We had my birthday dinner at my house on our back patio. It was beautiful!! I can't remember the last time we celebrated my birthday with jackets on! The food was excellent and having my family here was wonderful. I posted a lot of pictures so my family could save the pictures. Thank you to everyone who made today the best birthday I can remember. Thank you for the phone calls, the texts, the kisses over the phone, and for coming to dinner. It was because of you all that reminded me how lucky I am to be blessed with such wonderful friends and family.

My bracelet
My flowers

My cupcakes! I wouldn't let anyone bake me a cake.
I had to have these! They were beautiful!Here is a close up of mine. It was a gigantic cupcake. I can't bear to cut into it!Making a wish...... Lovely ladies enjoying dinner... For some reason the men sat at the other table.

Getting ready to open my amazing gifts

Me and the moms

Me and the Grandmas
Me and the Grandpas

This is why I have wrinkles already, making faces like
these. I couldn't believe how beautiful Victoria's Secret
gift card packaging is these days. It was amazing,
if you couldn't tell by the look on my face!
My new beautiful Cuisinart!

My parents got me The Magnolia Bakery cookbook!!
I had no idea there was one!

My sneaky mother made me cry when I opened my parent's gift. While at an antique store one day we ran into this serving ware that I loved. The price was outrageous and I thought I could possibly buy them piece by piece. My mom thought that my Meme had some in her china cabinet. My mom found one relish tray that I actually used tonight. When I opened the boxes I found 8 plates, 8 fruit glasses, a chip & dip tray, a vase, and another serving set. I was so touched that they bought these for me. I now will think of my Meme everytime I use them because my first piece was her relish dish.

The set, minus the vase. I forgot to put it in the picture.
Yoga time! My new mat and 2 yoga blocks
Me and the dads. These two are a pair when they are together!


Deborah said...

Hi, I'm wondering if your Little Kitty made it home yet? Just checking! I hope she came home!