Missing my Cat

This weekend one of our cats, Little Kitty, was let out by accident Saturday night. I arrived home from Chicago on Sunday evening to hear the bad news. If you recall, he also was let out 2 years ago in December during our ice storms and was missing for 2 weeks. I'm thankful that the weather is better but I'm still broken hearted. Our cats are our family. It feels lonely in the house without him. Think positive thoughts for his safety and his return. Thank you blog family.
One of our many rocking sessions.


sarah.richied said...

I hope your kitty comes back! Maybe he went to Chicago shopping for your birthday on Michigan Ave. He was supposed to surprise you but you left too soon. Hopefully he will be back for our birthday :-)

Mama Muhs said...

He came back once, he will do it again! Just think postively! Thanking of you.