Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

One of my favorites blogs is My Mama Made It.
She recently had a giveaway with a "catch". She completed her first sewing pattern and was giving it away for a couple of bloggers to try out. I love this top and was so excited to enter. I recieved an email this morning saying I was one of three who will be getting my special project in the mail. I then have to attempt to re-create it with her pattern. I'm super excited to get my package. Stay tuned for my attempt to make this fantastic shirt. Stop by here blog. Her projects are amazing!


The Parrish Family said...

That's fun! I can't wait to see it!

Jane said...

Cute top! How do you make that flower?? Good Luck!! Your mama didn't sow it.

The Farleys said...

Sow huh? ; )