My sister told me about Lush cosmetics. This weekend I went up to St. Louis and ran into the store to check it out. Lush uses only organic vegetables and fruit with essential oils in their products. They make every product by hand and a sticker is placed on each product with a picture of the "maker" and their name. Their line is super fun and the smell is amazing. I did some research on their site before I went up their because they have so many products. I wanted to try out their Coal Face Cleanser and choose a mask. The sales associates were super friendly and very knowledgeable about the products. I purchased the Cupcake mud mask and Elaine gave me lots of samples to try out this week. Unfortunately you can't buy Cupcake online because it has to be refrigerated and must be used within 3 weeks. I tried the mask last night along with Skin Nanny moisturizer. This morning I used the Ocean Salt Cleanser. I loved the mask. The mask smells like brownie batter.
I also am interested in trying the new organic line that Origins has out. Has anyone tried Origins? Let me know if you have. I have always been an Este Lauder user. But I'm ready to try
something else.
Here is the mask. My skin felt tone and
very smooth once I washed it off. I'm not going
to lie, I tasted it. You would have too, if you would have smelt it.


Beth said...

Makes me want to lick your face!!! Wonder how many points that would be??? :)

The Farleys said...

probably negative because the acid in the mask would eat the calories. Lets just stick with that.