My mom and I spent Sunday afternoon antique shopping. I found some great finds for my room redo. I also found this great little apron for $2.50. I have been wanting to make some aprons so I took the afternoon and tried. Tried being the key word. The green one below is the one I purchased. I cut almost half of the bottom off and replaced the pocket and hand stiched the little yellow flower on the left side. The black and pink one was all me. The pink fabric came from a pair of VS pajama pants I had but never wear. Both are super cute and I can't wait to wear them while I burn dinner. Hope all of your weekend's were wonderful and relaxing.

Little too long and boring

Shorter with a little more color

First apron, I now know the basics. More to come in the apron department.

The black thread was a mistake so I covered it up with Ric Rac.


Jane said...

Ohhhh.... you did a great job on the aprons. Had fun with you yesterday. We will have to do it more often. Love you Mom

Katie Parrish said...

Great job and what a cute gift idea. Also great for monogramming...but what isn't?

Mrs Bee said...

Hey there!

I love reading your blog, and Love all the projects that you do!
so there is an award over at mine!


The Kresl Family said...

Super cute!!!!