Sixteen days & counting........

Tonight I had my girlfriends Beth & Courtney over to plan our upcoming trip to NYC!! We are leaving the middle of August to celebrate our birthdays and to get away for a little girl time. I made my favorite feta and spinach pizza along with a ham and pineapple and a veggie served with a big salad. For dessert we had strawberry shortcake, with pie crust, topped with the fat free whipped cream. We finally finished the night off with chocolate martinis. We got a lot accomplished with our planning (and eating). My hopes of meeting the real Martha in NY are probably slim to none since they would rather ride the subway all day than attend her taping. Oh well Martha, hopefully sooner than later I will been an audience member on your fancy show.

The feta & spinach was gone by the end of the night! It is soooo good!
My strawberry shortcake, crust was in the shape
of little hearts....Pretty sure no one but myself cared!!!
These were dangerousCourtney being our official note taker. Her husband would be proud of her since he LOVES schedules on vacations.

Beth wanted to slap me for taking so many pictures of
her. She finally gave in and let me take one.
Vampire horseface and Courtney. Seriously I know I need a tan but I'm so pushing my luck with the 4 straight years I spent consecutively in a tanning bed in college. I can't afford to do anymore. Maybe I will buy some of those tanning pills on Canal street while I'm there.


Mrs Bee said...

Hello, try the facial tanning moisturizer, its light and see if that works! Much safer than the tanning beds!! :)

The Parrish Family said...

You girls are going to have so much fun. You better have Jersey Boys on your list of things to do! :)

The Parrish Family said...

Ok. I realize that last post sounded a little risque for all those who are not familiar. I don't mean go "do" Jersey Boys. I mean, go see Jersey Boys on Broadway....just for clarification.

Mama Muhs said...

Look how skinny my cousin looks! Gorgeous! I am so jealous of you girls. Hope you have a wonderful time! I agree with the pp about "Jersey Boys." I've yet to see it but I heard it is awesome. And do they really make a tanning pill?

The Dunnings said...

Thanks girls for an awesome night, I can't wait for NYC!!!!!!!!!!