Can someone give me a couple days off?

This is a hilarious coincidence. Before I write this post, I must mention the sad sad comparison. Katie just posted on her blog about her favorite author Dan Brown, who's newest book hit the shelves today. I was about to post about my favorite author when I realized this. Read on to see the hilarity.

My most favorite author of all time is Mo Willems. His hits are Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Don't Let the Piegon Stay Up Late, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, and Knuffle Bunny to name a few. Obviously, Mo is a children's author. On September 26th he will be at the National Mall doing a book signing and reading his favorite Dr. Seuss book, along with gobs of other children's authors! Secretly, my life's love is children's books. I get a high just walking into the children's section at Barnes and Noble. Every Christmas I ask for a stack of kid's books. I have zero children blog family! This is for my reading enjoyment only! I realize this is a little eccentric. But I'd like to think that by the time we do have children, I will be the best book reader my kids have ever heard!! ; )
I would just give about anything to see him in person. But the problem is I don't have enough days saved up to take off. Anyone want to loan me theirs? How long is the drive to D.C.?

Who wouldn't love this?? This is his dinning room. Every week his family decides a new theme to draw. Last week was the circus.


The Parrish Family said...

I wish so much that you could go. Maybe we should plan for next year!

The Boddies said...

I would love to got, that sounds so fun. As a kindergarten teacher, even though I got moved to 4th this year I will always be a kindergarten teacher, I love children's books as well. LOVE them! Mo is hilarious.

Mama Muhs said...

"Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" is one of Owen's favorites right now. I think I'm going to video him reading it and post it to the blog because it is just too cute! You should take the Children's Lit class at John A. if they still offer it. I took it and it was so much fun!