I curse you Chicken Pot Pie.......

I love this recipe so much I hate it! I hate it because I want to fix it constantly! I bought these new dishes at World Market that I thought would be perfect for my "mini pot pies". I can't say enough about these dang dishes! I love them. They baked the crust perfectly. Even in my glass pie pans there are always spots of gooey crust. With these the crust was cooked to perfection! I couldn't believe it! I swear, try this recipe and you too will be addicted!

Ryans pot pie

The vegetables and the wonderful sauce

This picture is to show the perfect crust!


The Parrish Family said...

I curse your chicken pot pie too! I have been dreaming about it ever since you made me some. I want more!!! Maybe it's a good thing Brons won't eat it because I think I could fix it every night!

The Mrs. said...

I've been reading your blog (in lurker status) after finding your link from Tim & Renee's blog several months ago. I saw your recipe for chicken pot pie, tried it last week, and fell in love! Mine isn't as pretty as yours, but it's a recipe that's definitely making it's way into my regular menu rotation. Delicious - thank you for sharing!