What's your Resolution?

Ryan and I are certainly focusing on our health and Mother Earth! We are always complaing how So. Il doesn't have the recycling services that bigger cities have. But that's just another excuse to make. I ran across a list of recycling facilites in So. Il that might get you in the mood to reduce your carbon footprint in 2009!
"In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage. This means that each adult will leave a legacy of 90,000 lbs. of trash for his or her children."Source: http://www.recyclingit.com/

Jackson County
KARCO Scrap Recycling
N New Era Road, Carbondale
8AM to 5PM Monday-Friday, 8AM to noon Saturday
Accepts: Ferrous/nonferrous metals, appliances, automobiles, batteries, motors, newsprint, computer paper, corrugated, cardboard, glass, aluminum, steel/bimetal cans, and scrap steel.

Mail Boxes Etc.
Murdale Shopping Center, Carbondale Rt. 13 W.
Accepts: Polystyrene packing "peanuts" Peanuts must be placed in plastic bags and must be free of other material.
Southern Illinois University Carbondale Recycling Program
Southern Illinois University
provides recycling for faculty, staff, and students. located at the southwest corner of McAndrew Football Stadium on Physical Plant drive (near Travel Services across the street from the Student Center)Accepts: #1 & #2 Plastics; and cardboard.For more information on SIUC's Recycling program see http://www.recycle.siu.edu/

STM Enterprises
US 51, Dowell
568-15578AM to 4:30PM
Monday - Friday, 8AM to 1PM Saturday
Accepts: Newsprint, cardboard, aluminum cans, non-ferrous metals, and car batteries.

Southern Recycling Center
300 West Chestnut Street, Carbondale
549-28809AM to 5PM
Monday - Friday, 9AM to 1:30PM Saturday
Accepts: Newsprint, corrugated cardboard, computer paper, white/colored office paper, glossy magazines/catalogues, steel/bimetal cans, nonferrous metals and stainless steel, car batteries and motors, plastic soda bottles, and plastic bottles with necks such as shampoo and detergent. They also accept electronic items such as: computers, TVs, VCRs, cell phones, power tools, and radios.
Williamson County
Marion Recycling
1202 East Main Street, Marion
997-94488AM to 4:30PM
Monday - Friday, 8AM to noon Saturday
Accepts: Only cardboard.

Junk MailWant to get your name off many junk mailing lists? Write to: Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing AssociationP.O. Box 9008Farmingdale, New York11735-9008List all of the names of people living at your residence. Also, you may call(888) 5-OPT-OUT to have your name removed from credit offers.

Recycling facility locatorhttp://www.1800cleanup.org/ allows you to enter your zip code and search for recycling facilities near you.

Illegal DumpingReport illegal dumping of waste to the Illinois Attorney General's 24-hour hotline(888) ATTY-GEN