It's a new day........

As a preface, I am only speaking for myself and do not expect anyone else to agree nor am I trying to persuade others. I am simply stating my views. Since this is my blog you have a choice whether to read it or not.

I can safely say that in my 28 years of life, today might be the most moving & hopeful day I have witnessed as an American (September 11th is a close second). I come from a working class family where everyone had to work everyday to pay bills. By no means did I ever go without, I always had what I needed/wanted. The presidents that have been apointed in my lifetime I couldn't relate with, nor could my parents. I think of them as untouchable. Men that came from mostly wealthy backgrounds, those who wanted to do well as a president, but simply couldn't know what it was like to live like the other half of America's population.

Today that other half celebrates because they are being represented in this political party. I celebrate today for my family, my hometown that is suffering from economic failure, my friends that are of other nationalites other than my own, my aunt, her lifepartner, and close friends whose rights will be fought for this presidential term, for countries whose hope might be restored in America, for those that are of other religous beliefs than my own, for those who have had to choose between paying the eletric bill or their medication, for those who do not have affordable healthcare, and for anyone else who felt under represented in our goverment. Being a social worker reminds me that not everyone is born on the same playing field. Some have it easier than others and some do not bother to work to their fullest potential. But today is an example to all, no more excuses, you can do just about anything here. I am so proud of my new president and his family. Today is a new day for America. I'm so proud to have witnessed it.


The Parrish Family said...

Thanks for the post! I too am proud to be an American today. I'm proud for so many reasons. Dr. King's dream has finally come to fruition! What a victory for ALL Americans!

The Dunnings said...

I am also so proud. Just finished watching the Inauguration (tape delay) with my baby girl falling asleep in my arms. Wow what a future she has to look forward to. What a day in history for everyone. I am so thankful to have witnessed all of this. I look forward to the change to come.