Things to do when your snowed in!

I'm sure a lot of you are like me and spent the day indoors. While I didn't have a free day to catch up on fun stuff, (had tons of paperwork to do) here are a few things to do (on behalf of associatedcontent.com) if your at home tomorrow!

Home improvement

1. Shampoo the carpets. Do one room at a time and get started. No visitors when the snow is deep.

2. Paint the rooms.. Just make sure that you have enough paint to finish your project.

3. Early Spring cleaning. Make a list of major items to clean. Things like curtains and drapes and upholstery can be done.

4. Rearrange the furniture in your home for a new look.

5. If your garage is warm, clean it out and straighten it up.

6. Clean and detail your vehicle. Again, just be sure the garage is warm.

7. Clean and organize your attic. Get rid of the things you no longer want to keep.

Home finances

1. Organize your bills and receipts. This often provides an excellent time to get ready for the IRS.

2. Review your yearly balances on your bills. Double check your accounts. Update your yearly budget.

3. Straighten up your home office. Place things in an organized manner. Throw away things that get your way.

4. Clean out your computer. Get rid of programs to speed up and improve your computers performance.