More favorites to list.........

So many of you fellow bloggers list your favorite products. I think it's a great idea! Here is another list of my favorites of the month of January.

If you are looking for another meat substitute but don't want to eat something tasteless here is the most wonderful chicken substitute I have ever come across. I put mine in the toaster oven (thank you Aunt Lisa!) for 6 mins. I promise you will be shocked that something so good is only 140 calories. LOVE IT!!! The con is the box comes with only 4 at the price of $4.89. It's pricey but I swear by it!

I love hummus. When I buy it at the deli or co-op it always has a strange taste to it. I have found that hummus is either really bad or really good. I found this at the co-op in Carbondale and I always have it in my pantry and one in the fridge. I can safely say it is the best hummus I have ever had! From a box at that! All you add is olive oil and warm water. Easy to take to a party for sure!

Having a sister that is a stylist is good thing! She always can recommend the next best thing in the hair world. I recently purchased this hair system from Nioxin that I really like. I don't have issues of hair loss but I do use a lot of hair product. So she recommeded the cleasnser and scalp therapy for me. It also protects color treated hair. So far I think this is a keeper. Ryan likes it too. He likes the "tingley" feeling it leaves on the scalp.