Oh Martha, you are certifiably crazy..........

The scene is set for a crazy cat party!

Okay, I know Ryan and I love our cats. We even post pictures of our cats wearing costumes from time to time. Although, never have we ever thrown our cats a party. On Martha's latest blogspot she has pictures of her party she threw her cats from New Years. Enjoy this rockin New Year Bash! Hope the cops weren't called.

This is "Vivaldi" wearing his cat hat. He looks hopeless doesn't he?

This is the catnip that Martha grew in her garden!

These cats are obviously under the influence of catnip. No cat in their right state of mind would sit there that long especially with gold sparkle hats on. I'm surprised that Martha would allow her cats on her "servery" and take pictures of it! Although, I sound quite annoyed by her ridiculous ideas, I'm probably just jealous I didn't think of the idea first! Foiled again Martha! Foiled again!


Tara said...

Quite possibly the most hysterical thing I have ever seen! It looks like a scene from a comedy!