A 5k in St. Louis

My friend Lindsey and I ran the first ever St. Louis MLB AllStar 5k today! It benefited 3 cancer foundations. The woman who founded the Susan G. Komen foundation was there to speak prior to the race. She told us that when her sister died of breast cancer she promised her that she would fight to end cancer. Look what an amazing and huge foundation it has become! It was pretty moving. ( I cried at least 3 times prior to the race and once during it! I'm pretty sure I was freaking Lindsey out!) There were lots of families running in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. One was running for their little boy. That's when I lost it. The most amazing part is that over 8,000 people ran!!!! How crazy is that??? I shaved off 1 minute from my last race, 34 mins. Lindsey as always, finished way before me at 27 mins. She's awesome. The guys came up to cheer us on and to of course snap photos. It was an awesome weekend. My next goal is to run the 10k they have in STL at Halloween. Sounds like a lot of fun.
Doing some pre-race drinking. Pretty sure this is what most athletes do.
Lindsey talked me into joining her night before a race
ritual. Drinking some Metamucil. I can't say that it worked as well as I hoped! I had to snap this photo. Our hotel was amazing
and huge! I love the size comparison of Lindsey to our windows!This was at the start of the race. People were lined up farther than I could see behind us!Ugh.... Flattering picture of me crossing the finishline. Yikes.Us after the race with our fancy participant medals. Our after race eating at Cracker Barrel Eli and Lindsey


Jane said...

I'm so proud of you! Still can't figure out what gene pool your athletic abilities came from. One things for sure....NOT ME. Love you and glad you had a great time.

The Farleys said...

Mom what are you talking about. Remember when you did that one cartwheel? That's where I got it from..

The Parrish Family said...

You're inspiring! I thought about going outside to run right now, but then I remembered I just made some brownies....and that sounds like way more fun. Awesome job, M :)

The Dunnings said...

Congratulations on your new time. So proud of you. What a wonderful inspiration to run for. Very proud of you and I'll be running in the a.m.!!!