Craft of the week..

This evening I visited a fantastic antique store on my way home from work. I have been wanting to do this chalkboard craft for a long time and today I found some wonderful trays to try it out! All of the loot I got below was found in 2 booths that were marked 1/2 off! I bought 6 pieces of silver and two Ball Jars for $37.00! It was a steal!

I collect blue Ball Jars. I bought a 1/2 gallon one and an hinged lid oneSo this is what I did with one of my serving trays....
I painted it with chalkboard paint and
made some magnets out of seashells! I can't wait to
use this for different holidays and birthdays! Super Cute!!


The Parrish Family said...

I LOVE the idea! Will you come over and work some Martha Stewart magic at my house?