A night with an old friend......

Here are the pictures of the other night when Renee and I went out for dinner. We went to the most amazing restaurant in uptown Normal. It was called Medici. The servers have "Obama eats here" on the back on their shirts. I asked what that was about and she told me that he eats at the Chicago location! We ate a delicious dinner and reminisced about the college days. We went back to her home where her 2 sons were quietly sitting eating their evening snack. They were the most well behaved little boys I have ever met. I'm not surprised though. Renee and Tim are such great parents. Tim watched the baby Mollie, Bennie, & Sammie while we ate. He is an amazing dad who was very happy to let his wife take a night off! Thanks Ren for our dinner date! Give the kids a hug from me!!!
Seriously, could we smile any harder??
Renee, Tim, and Mollie

The Kresel Boys, Bennie & Sammie

The t-shirts

This is the inside of the restaurant. This tree was beautiful!